No Winter Wonders this year

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No Winter Wonders this year

Post by Rhetor »

I've purchased Winter Wonders as a "treat" for nearly 10 years or so. From the looks of it, Winter Wonders doesn't look like it's making an appearance this year.

I get and understand that Catalina messed things up. But I can't help but wonder if Soundspectrum is giving up on making products for the Mac.

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Post by BTT »

Hello Rhetor

Have a read of this post from SoundSpectrum:- ... php?t=8517
Regards BTT

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Post by b.dwall »

Hi Rhetor,

SoundSpectrum hasn't put out updates because of the rapid change in the OS landscape and decline in support for our software on these platforms. We will have an update out as soon as next week, which will resolve many issues but will also bid farewell to other longtime features which are no longer supported. Should have a WinterWonders update in there as well. If you write in to us via our support page, I'll make sure you receive next year's update as well (that goes for anyone else that purchased WinterWonders this year as well). We will try to hang on for as long as we can. | |

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