I refuse to believe I'm the only one having such problems

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I refuse to believe I'm the only one having such problems

Post by Gaia-Sophia »

I've had Tunr since March (thank you, Brandon, for the promo code). I don't have a Spotify subscription and, because I'm British, the only other thing it works with is Soundcloud (for which I have a Go+ subscription). Here's a list of the issues I've been having since I installed it (iPad Pro, was running iOS 11.4 when installed, now running 12.1). I have even backed up and reinstalled iOS to see if that helped (obviously it didn't).

1. WhiteCap crashes constantly (every time it switches to it I have to immediately swipe to change the set).
2. Most of Metatron is missing (all I see are blank screens)
3. Code screens (usually blank, sometimes with a background), indicating a missing file (I have screenshots of at least 50 in a folder on my iPad)
4. Around 80% of the time, a stream cannot be resumed if paused (tapping 'play' simply results in it 'spiralling' for around 30 seconds then giving up. Subsequent taps refuse to even attempt to connect).
5. Lists appear to be limited to 100 items (and by that I mean playlists, likes, follows, tracks, items within playlists - basically anything which can be a list of items will only show the first 100).
6. If an account has more than 100 playlists, around 90% of the time, accessing the list will time out.
7. Often, a user's track list will show 'no items' (they're not private, as I can view the contents via both the Soundcloud app and the web).
8. Extremely dark scenes (barely visible even if I up the brightness to max).
9. Wrong track info displayed 75% of the time.

Example of 'code screen'
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FGpHT ... AgeuTxCgfV

Example of barely visible scene
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FGpHT ... AgeuTxCgfV

I would also like to know what the £2 a month subscription is for, as I don't seem to have had any benefit from it to date (it's certainly not got me a properly functioning app!).

The response I have had from SoundSpectrum is basically that I should be grateful as I was given a promo code. Sorry, not good enough. This is an extremely expensive app and for the price, nothing less than perfection is to be expected. There has been ONE update since I installed it for "minor bug fixes". When you going to fix the major ones, then…?

I will keep posting this until SS pull their collective finger out their collective arse and do summat!

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Post by BTT »

Hello Gaia-Sophia

Well, you certainly do have many issues with TUNR, unfortunately there is no one on the forum who can help you. The only people able to resolve anything TUNR related are SoundSpectrum themselves. You need to contact Brandon by clicking on the link below, I have sent him a mail requesting he responds to your post. I have been involved with SoundSpectrum for many years (not part of the team) and I know they will do everything possible to put matters right for you.

Regards BTT

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Post by DanPin »

Uhh, Sophia, not only do these issues exist, but also another one, usually unnoticed: some of the text-based colormaps (particularly the Acid Gap-based ones) will start off with a roughly blue background for approximately 5 seconds, before eventually cutting to a black background for the next 10, then starting off again with the blue background. While this might occur on some devices, I've been ignoring this issue lately since then, but I've never actually seen SoundSpectrum fix the problem.

Also, with regard to the unexpected crashes in Tunr, WhiteCap will not only crash inside the application but also cause Tunr to crash entirely, simply with no error. Crashes in Tunr are not generally uncommon with WhiteCap itself, but when an exception arises in any other portion of the app, it will crash. I've been wandering if Tunr has had a poor reception upon its initial release, particularly due to being a buggy media player.

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Post by b.dwall »

Hi Gaia-Sophia,

Thanks for taking time to provide us feedback on Tunr. We are definitely due for an update, and I will bring up these issues to the developer. I have also noticed some of the issues that you mention. There’s a lot going on under the hood with Tunr, and music providers don’t always provide (and are not very incentivized to develop) the most robust API's, which leads to peculiar issues such as instability, connection refusals, long load times with large playlists, along with feed limitations.

For the longer Playlists, be prepared to wait a little longer than you may expect. I know it's not exactly ideal, but sometimes it can take a while to load a large playlist. Once loaded, browsing should be fast though. It may also help to break the playlist up into smaller segments.

We do not alter or limit the provider feeds in any way. Lists that appear to be limited is likely due to limitations set by the provider API, or restrictions imposed by the artist.

Can you please provide some examples of a user track list showing "no items", but that you know should have available content? Please also provide any examples of wrong track info that you have noticed.

Looks like you turned on the debug mode. Go to the Settings menu via the top left 3bar icon and scroll to the bottom of the screen, then turn off debug mode.

Your second example link goes to the same pic as the first one.

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