Full Screen Resolution - How to Remove the Letterbox Effect

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Full Screen Resolution - How to Remove the Letterbox Effect

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The "letterboxing" effect that you may be getting in Full Screen mode is a result of the default maximum height / width settings for G-Force. These settings can be changed (see instructions below) but you should be aware that relaxing these constraints may cause G-Force to slow down at times (especially when calculating flowfield changes) due to the fact that larger resolutions require significantly more mathematical computations by your computer.

Simply start the G-Force Toolbar and look for the "Frame Size Limiting" controls in the advanced pref drawer. You will be able to select a new frame size limit for G-Force (or remove the limit entirely). Again, be warned that relaxing the G-Force frame size limit can cause your frame rate to drop very low as you make the G-Force frame size larger.

Also, see this FAQ entry:

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