Craving new G-Force Visuals?

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Craving new G-Force Visuals?

Post by jerohm »

I have a decade's worth of my efforts that are every bit as good, as any of my code that has been released into
the general public. I also feel I have contributed my fair share, to add value to the G-Force experience, and it
is time to reap some kind monetary benefit. If you feel otherwise, it is time for you to STOP READING NOW! I have no
real plan as of yet, and I am open to any, and all suggestions. At this time at least, I feel it is inappropriate to continue
any additional discussion on SoundSpectrum message boards, so PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS POST. I am sure the smart
people reading this, are fully capable of figuring out how to contact me. My YouTube videos should provide a sample
of my unreleased material. Then again, you could always roll up your shirt sleeves, and Get Coding!
*** I will NOT respond to this post ***

Long live G-Force