A bit of a waveshape enhancement here...

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A bit of a waveshape enhancement here...

Post by DanPin »

For anyone whoever has interest on retro waveshapes, I wanted to share a complete enhancement to the waveshape "HAL - Splashy Scope", which used to collapse and expand vertically before 3.x was released. So, I decided to go ahead and restore this effect using a combination of modern and classic styles.

Text marked in red indicate these changes. So, here it is:

// G-Force WaveShape
// Name: HAL_Splashy_Scope
// Created by: Howard A. Landman, 15-17 May 2001



// DanPin tweak 5/29/17: Whenever the waveshape uses a classic look,
// a value of .64, along with sin(t), must be used in the Y0 value.
// If it uses a modern look, no value must be used with sin(t).

Y0=".64 * mag(s) + sin(t * .5) * A0"


LWdt="min( 22*abs(mag(s)) + .3, 10 )"

// Unconnected looks a little better - when the dots
// are big enough they overlap anyway


I did this last year.

PLEASE NOTE: These changes are intended for testing purposes only. You can keep it if you want, but I would not submit any of these changes to SoundSpectrum until further notice.

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