TIP: Write HSL configs for G-Force!

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TIP: Write HSL configs for G-Force!

Post by DanPin »

In WhiteCap, colorschemes usually use HSL or RGB to compute colors for waveshapes and backgrounds. In G-Force and Aeon, colormaps may be in a standalone .png, or be written in HSV or RGB to give the waveshape and its leaving trail multiple colors.

However, here is one thing I've discovered: you can actually write HSL colormaps for G-Force and Aeon. This is why they left support for Lum because it was borrowed from the code found in WhiteCap.

Here is an example of such a G-Force HSL colormap; this was borrowed from a colorscheme from WhiteCap called Lightness, which I modified to work with G-Force:


Code: Select all

A0="rnd( 1 )"   // Random hue

S="1 - .3 * i"
L=".8 - .3 * i - i^8"

As you can see, "dt" is converted into "i", to better give the colormap good detail. If you copy and paste the code into a text editor, and then save it to the G-Force.ColorMap.Package folder, you get this result: the 'lum' is working as expected.

How do you like this experiment? Feedback is much appreciated.

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