NEW version G-Force 5.5 released

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NEW version G-Force 5.5 released

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Howdy All,

We have a new build up for G-Force, including some very nice content additions from Jim Mohr!! Currently G-Force, Aeon, and WinterWonders are posted, with a WhiteCap beta available as well for those on the beta list. We will have another round of updates very soon, including for Whitecap and Softskies.

G-Force: 5.5 - 28 December 2016

• Several new outstanding WaveShapes by Jim Mohr!
• Fixed erroneous console message "Undefined function Refresh()"
• Fixed flashing of junk frames immediately following a resize or fullscreen change.
• Standalone on Windows nows works with Aero's 'auto-snap'
• Addressed fullscreen mode state issues under iTunes and in Standalone.
• Fixed stability issues for the OS X screen saver.
• Standalone for Windows now only changes the input device volume if below 50%.
• More console messages when in partial or debug console mode.
• Aesthetic tweaks to some track animations.
• For large viewports, UI items now auto-scale up in size (UI.AutoScaleFromHeight).
• No longer using special key mapping under Winamp. | |

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