Media Server "My Library?"

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Media Server "My Library?"

Post by Hockeytown777 »

I just want to start off by saying this app is beautiful. By far the nicest looking visualizer you can get your hands on IMO.

Having said that, the integration of other items could make this app my one and only.

First, the addition of Plex as a provider would be ideal. If that just isn't possible, at the very least, we should be able to point "My Library" to a NAS server in our own network. Why we cannot do that at this point is beyond me.

Another great addition would be for multiple devices in your local network running the Tunr app concurrently should be able to communicate and display what is currently playing and be able to change songs like a remote control.

I would absolutely pay for a premium version of Tunr if I was able to do these things mentioned above. My hope is that more development will take place with this app and it can become the premium product I think it can be for our home music setup controller AND visualizer needs all in one.

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Post by BTT »

Hello Hockeytown777

Some great review. Unfortunately forum members have no information regarding Tunr so you will need to contact Brandon at SoundSpectrum Support by clicking on the link below:-
Regards BTT

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Post by b.dwall »

Thanks for posting, and we appreciate the kind words. I absolutely made this channel so folks like you can communicate with us, and other forum members, so you've come to the right place. Hopefully at some point we can get to all those fine suggestions, in the meantime, we're definitely listening to what folks are saying and still working hard to develop the future infrastructure that will get us there.

Thanks so much for your support. It would mean a lot if you would review us in the App Store, and share about Tunr. | |

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