STRANGE BUG: Rendering issues in Acid Gap colormaps

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STRANGE BUG: Rendering issues in Acid Gap colormaps

Post by DanPin »

To Drew or Brandon, this is a report that has not yet been explained.

Although Tunr is amazing, I am expecting rendering problems with certain Acid Gap colormaps inside the G-Force and Aeon visual packs. These include, but are not limited to:
- Fall Of The House Of Usher
- Machina - Call To War
- Nice Acid Gap
- Spectrologist's Assistant

For each of these, once selected, a sharp, hard-leading, solid electric blue background is shown for 5 seconds, then returns to black immediately for at least 8 seconds before returning back to blue immediately for another 5. I've been ignoring this issue for a year at the time I installed Tunr; however, some users might have also complained about this bug.

I can tell that this is due to an incorrect V syntax which should get corrected in the next update.

Affected device: iPod touch, iOS 11.3.2

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Post by BTT »

Hello DanPin

Neither Drew or Brandon have the time to check the forum that's why I have been given the job of administrator, so you should contact SoundSpectrum by clicking on the link below where you can report the problems you are experiencing.
Regards BTT

ColorMap Creator for G-Force and Aeon --- SoundSpectrum Forum Administrator.

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