POSSIBLE SUGGESTION: Import your own visuals using iTunes!

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POSSIBLE SUGGESTION: Import your own visuals using iTunes!

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*** Orphaning this post. Should I decide to declare this a failed suggestion when the view count is 0? ***

I’m very sorry for making that one unconstructive post I’ve made months ago, but this time I’m making it more friendly.

So, you can’t add your own visuals to Tunr because iOS uses a protected kernel system to prevent users from modifying the operating system entirely, including its apps. However, there shall be two possible solution to this.

To import your own visuals, Tunr needs to provide support for iTunes File Sharing functionality, which hasn’t been implemented yet. Also, beginning with iOS 11, you can manage your files stored on your device and its applications (does not include their core files), which also hasn’t been implemented in Tunr yet. These two methods can make it easier for config creators to customize their Tunr experience.

So, my suggestion is, to add iTunes File Sharing functionality to Tunr. That way, I can easily import my own visuals to the app itself.

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