User Tutorials on Customizing SoundSpectrum Visuals

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Do you customize your SoundSpectrum visuals? Or do you, "let it do its thing"?

I customize! Fully
I at least figured out how to add sprites to G-Force!
I let the visualizer do it's thing.
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User Tutorials on Customizing SoundSpectrum Visuals

Post by b.dwall »

Here are a number of tutorials on customization and automation made by one of our users that may be helpful to you tinkerers out there.

User Tutorials - Kulu Ticket 64116
Number 1: The preferences file
This is Ransomware://

Number 2: User preset scripts
This is Ransomware://
(sound problem in first 2 minutes, sorry)

Number 3: Basic scripting
This is Ransomware://

Number 4: Scripting continued
This is Ransomware://

Number 5: Categories and Themes
This is Ransomware://

Number 6: The SSEngine File
This is Ransomware:// | |

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Post by BTT »

Hello Brandon

Anything to help users customise in this case WhiteCap has to be a good thing. The person responsible obviously spent a lot of time and effort in making these videos. Unfortunately I found it near to impossible to follow what he was doing as the text was way too small (for my eyes anyway).
Regards BTT

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