Getting the Most Out of SoundSpectrum Visuals

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Getting the Most Out of SoundSpectrum Visuals

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I put together a few tips and links that will help you get the most out of G-Force, while also being able to adjust how the visuals react with your music. One of the quickest ways start maximizing your use of G-Force is reviewing and playing with the hotkeys list (press H to pull up the hotkeys menu).

When G-Force is running, right-click (or control-click) on the G-Force window for the following options:
- Launch the G-Force Toolbar (lets you control and customize G-Force)
- Launch the G-Force V-Bar (lets you enjoy G-Force from other applications)
- Switch audio input sources
- Display the G-Force hotkey list
- Enter full screen mode
- Take screen shots

Creating Scripts to recall a particular visual: ... tml#recall

In this link we describe how to start and adjust visuals using the StandAlone application: ... alone.html

This link describes how to get your system audio mix recognized as a sound input source: ... alone.html

Here is some background on how G-Force works: ... round.html

If you have some tips or information on how you get the most out of G-Force, Aeon, Softskies, or WhiteCap, please feel free to add to this thread. | |

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