Windows 11 Compatibility

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Windows 11 Compatibility

Post by toddelving »

Long time subscriber just got my PC working after letting it sit for a while and tried to get Aeon or and of the softwear to work. Tried downloading it a number of times, then contacted Windows and they said Windows 11 is not compatible with the softwear. Is there a plan to do this?

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Re: Windows 11 Compatibility

Post by juxtiphi »

Hi Todd

As far as I know SoundSpectrum will no longer be updating their visuals to work with new versions of Windows or other OS.

It's a shame that a great program like G-Force will become unusable to future OS's

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Re: Windows 11 Compatibility

Post by BTT »

Many thanks for your reply juxtiphi. Just want to add that all SS products work up to and including Windows 10.
Regards BTT

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