How to control visualizations on a separate window

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How to control visualizations on a separate window

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Is there a way to control the visualizations off a different window so that when I screen record windows media player it doesn't show up? Is there different kinds of methods on how to do it? I'm prerecording this for an online live music set that I'm doing. I don't know how to word it correctly but that is as best as I could describe what I'm trying to do.



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Re: How to control visualizations on a separate window

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Hello altezza

First you will need to obtain a Professional Version (Commercial License)
A commercial license can enable you to use Aeon, G-Force, SoftSkies, and/or WhiteCap in venues such as night-clubs, music/concert events, VJ events, video recordings, or in public performances and exhibitions. Commercial use or public display of our software products is strictly prohibited without obtaining a commercial license from SoundSpectrum. To inquire about a commercial license, please contact us:-

Search on Google for:-

To display only the visualisation most of us use Winamp.
Regards BTT

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