embedding photos and/or projection mapping

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embedding photos and/or projection mapping

Post by interventionist »

I've been utilizing Aeon with an lcd projector and separate audio source for larger scale visualization. What I'm looking to do is have some photos/screenshots to slide show into the visualization. Ideally the images will be blended/ghosted with the aeon visulazer. It seems that I have a few different solutions.

1) get a second projector and see if they don't clash too much by projecting both onto the same screen, either both front/back or one front the other back
2) See if theres any projection mapping software that allows any window (in this case an aeon window) to be adjusted/mapped and then create another area mapped for the slideshow.
3) ....hopefully have someone here that's knowledgeable enough to know how to do it within Aeon itself.

Hopefully I wasn't too confusing in what I'm looking to do. Thanks in advance!

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Re: embedding photos and/or projection mapping

Post by juxtiphi »

Hi interventionist

I know you can add jpeg files to G-force. Search Aeon for jpeg files and open the location. Add you jpeg or png files to that folder or create a folder of your own and put it in the parent directory. you should see them.

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