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whos still about

Post by Orbstah »

I just logged in a looked at my most recent post and it said 2013!! Jesus has it been that long.....

the twins are now in double digits and I ve moved on and I cant believe its been 7 years.

Covid has trapped me in my house due to my health issues, so i have been trolling my old haunts online to see whats happening.

Its amazing how we lose touch so quickly.
Plan looks like a nice concept, I had a wee look at the website and there is some interesting stuff there.
are we getting any new visualizers soon?
will tunr become available for Windows any time soon..

And Hi Andy, its been a while...
I'll come to bed once i've seen everything in G-Force.

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Re: whos still about

Post by juxtiphi »

Hello Orbstah

Seven years is a long time although, I don't think you've really missed anything. The guys at the top have been focused on their new ideas and development on G-force Aeon and others has been set back a bit.

Glad to see your family is doing ok stay stay safe and healthy.

Welcome Back!

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