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Virtual Reality and WhiteCap

Post by wizerd724 »

I did a quick search and apologize if I missed this frequent request / question.

I am interested in whitecap with the use of a phone based VR HUD (cheaper ones you slide your phone in) or HTC Vive / Oculus / Oculus Go.

1) Does whitecap run on iOS or Android currently in a regular full screen mode
1a) If so, which apps are required to run it

2) Has anyone worked with whitecap and VR where head movement (IMU / Gyro) would look around the space so to speak.
2a) If so is there any demo app or production apps for trial or purchase?
2b) If not, would anyone at soundspectrum be open to collaborating to make this application a reality.

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Post by BTT »

Hello wizerd724

Some interesting questions. You need to contact Brandon at SoundSpectrum for the answers.
Regards BTT

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