Error in Aeon Docs: 4.0 date shows 03 Janurary 2017 not 2018

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Error in Aeon Docs: 4.0 date shows 03 Janurary 2017 not 2018

Post by DanPin »

4.0 - 03 January 2017
  • Added 5 new configs to help beam you into the beyond!
    Performance overhaul for 12 configs, aesthetic overhaul for 3!
    Now bundling all-new Windows audio driver called SoundSpectrum Audio Cable, offering audio loopback from the system output to Aeon Standalone.
What the heck is this?! Hasn't anyone noticed that error? It looks like SoundSpectrum has incorrectly typed in the release date; it should be 03 Janurary 2018, not the date shown above.

Please, you have to correct this error in the Aeon Version History contained within the Documentation.

P.S.: There is a similar error in the WhiteCap Version History that hasn't been corrected for a year; the release date for 6.6 (right after 6.5) shows 12 January 2016 instead of 12 January 2017. This has been unnoticed and it should get fixed as well.

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Post by ozbeats »

Spellchecker, the forum has one....
If spellchecker isn't built into the SS PC posting or the webhost who's hosting...

SS could copy and paste them into word online for free..... or any other word processor, before publishing them live to the world...

It's happned berofe, itl'l hapn agan... :D


Alf ;)

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