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"My visuals are having problems running on my computer! What do I do?"

If you are having a problem running our software on your computer, the first step to resolve it is getting some technical information about your computer to send to SoundSpectrum engineers. Our software contains functionality to automatically write out your system's hardware profile to a text file, but it must be manually activated. This allows you to simply copy and paste this information into a SoundSpectrum support ticket, making it possible for SoundSpectrum to troubleshoot your problem.

Please follow the below steps to ensure that your support ticket gets the best analysis possible:

1. If you haven't already, open a new SoundSpectrum support ticket and thoroughly describe the problem you're having. Be detailed. The more details and information you provide, the more likely SoundSpectrum will be able to assess your problem.
2. Start G-Force in your media player (or G-Force Standalone).
3. Press SHIFT+i. You should see several lines of small white text appear within G-Force. If you don't see this text, ensure that G-Force has keyboard focus. If you're using Windows Media Player, enter full screen mode while G-Force is running in order for your key presses to be effective.
4. On your desktop, you should now see a file named "SoundSpectrum Log.txt". Open this text file, select all (CTRL+A on Windows and Command+A on OS X), and copy its contents to the system clipboard (CTRL+C on Windows and Command+C on OS X).
5. Paste the text to your support ticket (CTRL+V on Windows and Command+V on OS X) and submit it.

Note that if you are unable to generate the "SoundSpectrum Log.txt" file as described above, it can also be generated an alternative way:

1. Exit/Quit all running instances of G-Force.
2. While holding the SHIFT+ALT (or SHIFT+OPTION) keys, start G-Force Standalone (or start your media player and then G-Force).
3. When G-Force starts while the above keys are pressed, you will see several lines of small white text printed to the screen and "SoundSpectrum Log.txt" will be saved to your desktop.
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