Update on new releases

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Update on new releases

Post by andy55 »

Dear SoundSpectrum Users and Customers,

We want to acknowledge and provide an update on issues that have materially affected many loyal SoundSpectrum users, namely recent changes that further lock-down both Microsoft and Apple desktop operating systems. We have been engaged in addressing as many of the issues as is possible; however, currently we are also going through the process of obtaining a new developer code signing certificate so that we can ship new releases. Without it, Windows will tell you that the software is malicious and cannot be trusted. This has taken longer than we expected and unfortunately as a result we will miss the opportunity to ship updates to our visuals before the new year, including Winter Wonders 2020. These updates also include fixes that allow our Screen Savers to work on macOS Mojave and Catalina (however, with no sound since Apple has removed that function in screensavers).

Rest assured that we will ship another round of updates, but unfortunately it can't happen until early January. Please contact us via our support ticket system if you have been affected, and we will work with you on providing a resolution.
All of these issues reflect the rising world of gatekeepers and software consolidation, where many indie publishers and developers are increasingly challenged. Such gatekeepers are identified by asserting substantial fees, special privileges, or levels of ownership simply because the size and scale of their network allows them to do so.

This topic is a close cousin to the forthcoming project called PLAN that I am co-leading. In active development for over a year, PLAN is a free visual collaboration and communication tool for teams, households, and communities. It uses Unity, historically used a game engine, to create an experiential and real-time user interface. Under the hood, it uses crypto tech, not for currency, but as a means to form a distributed cryptographic city-wall around your community's data, offering privacy from outside eyes and unalterable digital accountability on the inside. Not even PLAN Systems, our 501(c)(3) org, can affect your org or community since this tool is privately instanced in the way Linux is. PLAN is architected on 10 intentionally engineered design principles that place PLAN in a new class of integrated software. I really look forward to sharing more, especially with users who have supported SoundSpectrum over the years. You can learn more about PLAN at http://plan-systems.org.

Happy Holidays and may the 2020's usher in the rise of open community technology for all.

Drew O'Meara

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re Update on new releases

Post by strumsky »

I may have caught only the gist of your message to us, Drew, but enough of it has caught my attention and engaged support for your proposal PLAN. Excellent. I fundamentally agree with your assessment of the state of things. The gatekeepers are inherently conservative and prone to inertia, let alone an absurd need for control that in fact hobbles growth. Not all change is good, but I believe almost all inertia inevitably is not good. I do not like the inexorable tendency toward "one size fits all," and if it takes moving to a new platform to expand capability, I'm tuned in. Best of luck!

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Post by ozbeats »

Rest assured that we will ship another round of updates, but unfortunately it can't happen until early January.
Looking forward to it....
Thanks Andy and the Team and Contributors to Soundspectrum ;)

Alf in Australia

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