iTunes 7.3.1 osx 10.4.10 GF 3.7.1 - not full screen?

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iTunes 7.3.1 osx 10.4.10 GF 3.7.1 - not full screen?

Post by dancornett »

I just updated to GF 3.7.1 on a Mac Mini with iTunes 7.3.1 (OS/X 10.4.10) -- and also just set up a widescreen 22" LCD (1680x1050 res.).

With the standalone GF, it will go to "true" full screen mode, which is great.

Within iTunes, however, it "bands" the full screen display; that is, there are black bands at the top and bottom of the display ... it's not using the full height.

The "built in" iTunes visualizer does use full screen height.

(I guess this should be in the bug forum??)

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Post by juxtiphi »

try ajusting the max X and max Y parameters in the GF prefs file for itunes match it to the full screen size you want also you can try ajusting the FS_X and FS_Y if the other doesnt work.

the prefs files can be found in documents and settings application data sound spectrum folder.

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