Screensaver does not work. Quick blinks of blue sky/clouds..

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SoftSkies Screen saver not working

Post by kluv »

I'm having the same problem as perry did. I recently purchased SoftSkies Gold and screen saver on the 15th of December. Whenever I try to select it from the Personalize- Screensavers, all I get is a black screen. All the other screen savers work (G-Force, Aeon, Whitecap).

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
ASUStek Comp Inc
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2640M CPU @ 2,80gHZ

Thank you for your help and if there's any other information you need please let me know.

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Post by BTT »

Hello kluv

Best advice I can give is contact SoundSpectrum by clicking on the link below:-
Regards BTT

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Re: Screensaver does not work. Quick blinks of blue sky/clouds..

Post by nicholosonjack »

The SoftSkies Screen Saver is automatically included in your SoftSkies Platinum download (or your SoftSkies Gold download, if you also purchased the Screen Saver). On Windows, please follow the on-screen instructions listed in the last step of the installer (select Start > Control Panel > Display > Screen Saver). On OS X, select SoftSkies as the current Screen Saver in your System Preferences (note, please close and then restart your System Preferences if the SoftSkies Screen Saver does not become visible subsequent to install).

thanks for telling and I have done it successfully.
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