Problems downloading G-Force

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Problems downloading G-Force

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If you are using a software firewall or a download acceleration program, you may want to ensure that they are deactivated when trying to access G-Force. We have occasionally found that such programs will not allow G-Force downloads (usually resulting in a 404 or 403 page display error).

If you are using Zone Alarm, here is what you need to do:
(1) Select the "Privacy" option
(2) Select the "Mobile code control" option
(3) Select the "Custom" option
(4) Uncheck the "Block mime-type integrated objects" option

Otherwise, here are some suggestions for re-downloading and re-installing G-Force:
(1) Restart your system to ensure that you get a clean start.
(2) Temporarily disable any download accelerators or software firewalls that you may be running (this step is important).
(3) Download the most recent version of G-Force from ... ducts.html.
(4) Once the download is complete, please ensure that you have turned off all media players (including the "taskbar" version of Windows Media Player, which require that you "right click" your Task Bar and ensure that there is NO check mark next to Toolbars |Windows Media Player).
(5) Re-install G-Force and if you encounter an error while installing, press abort or cancel (not ignore) and repeat steps 1-4 above (most likely you will need to ensure that your media players are not running in the background - including through your system tray).
(6) If you encounter any additional problems please let us know the details of (i) your operating system, (ii) which media players you are using, (iii) what error messages are displayed, and (iv) what steps we need to take to re-create the error you are encountering.

Please contact us if you run into additional problems. If not, we hope you have a great time with your new installation of G-Force!

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