G-Force Controls (keystrokes)

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G-Force Controls (keystrokes)

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                            G-FORCE HELP MENU
                       INDEX OF KEYSTROKE COMMANDS

SHIFT H            Launch HTML Documentation
\                  Hide console ON/OFF
V                  Verbose console ON/OFF
RET                Full screen ON/OFF
M                  Switch full screen resolution
SHIFT L            Line boost
`                  Save Snapshot
T                  Track info
- +                -/+ response scale
[ ]                -/+ preamp scale
L                  List current configs
P                  Auto particles ON/OFF
SHIFT P            Auto sprites ON/OFF
Y                  Start new particle
SHIFT Y            Start new sprite
K                  Kill running particles and sprites
G F                All sideshows ON/OFF
Q W E              Prev/Next/Slideshow ColorMap
A S D              Prev/Next/Slideshow FlowField
Z X C              Prev/Next/Slideshow WaveShape
CTRL X             Run script named \"CTRL X\"
SHIFT CTRL X       Write script named \"CTRL X\" to restore current configs
SHIFT K            Kill all running scripts
U                  Purge file cache and recreate current configs
SHIFT U            Purge file cache, rescan folders, and recreate current configs
SHIFT C            Check for Updates ON/OFF
 - To access keystroke commands when using Windows Media Player, please enter �Full Screen� mode.
 - Keystroke commands may differ in certain media players. Please press �H� for a complete listing of controls.
 - Full screen resolutions controls do not function for Windows Media Player - use resolution controls from the Display Settings in the Control Panel.

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