SoundSpectrum Audio Cable

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SoundSpectrum Audio Cable

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Working with a very talented audio kernel engineer, and longtime SoundSpectrum user, we are now including a SoundSpectrum Audio Cable driver in each Platinum installer (thanks Anup!!). This audio loopback driver will enable the routing of your computer's audio signal to our Standalone applications on Windows, allowing you to visualize audio from any application (VLC, Media Players, Browsers, etc).

Here is the step by step procedure to set up the driver on your Windows computer:

- In Windows, open Control Panel > Sound (or search "Sound" in system settings)
- Select the Plackback tab
- Right click on Stereo In and select Set As Default Device
- Select the Recording tab
- Right click on Stereo Out and select Properties
- *Within the General Properties tab, select Use this device (enable)*
- Select the Listen tab
- *Check the box Listen to this device*
- *Under Playback through this device, select your desired playback device/speakers*
- Press the "OK" button (exiting the Properties window)
- Press the "OK" button (exiting the Sound window)
- Restart Standalone and change the audio source to Stereo In.

If you do not complete the starred steps, your configuration will fail. You can and should blame Windows for the overly involved and confusing set up procedures that are *required*. Mac users will have to rely on third party software for a similar solution, such as Loopback (by Rogue Amoeba) or LineIn + SoundFlower (older, but free / open source). | |

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