Rise Up Ye Spectered Vizeretts. AI needs you.

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Rise Up Ye Spectered Vizeretts. AI needs you.

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We beg your wandering wiggles
To cover Chat's video masking
Of the empty thoughts conceived by ...asking.
We are the poor incapable.

We are too busy monetizing
The YouTube swamp of mesmerizing,
Mindless as we plot ahead at render speed.

Never mind the words.
We have all of theirs.
Never mind the voices.
We have clones in pairs.
We can mimic without distinction
And inflect without detection.
We need no more than 30 minutes
Of your best distraction.

We beg you hurry.
We haven't time to learn your silly mathematical.
For soon they'll lock the content pools,
And we'll be left without...theirs.

Surely you didn't think we might create our own.
We are the rich incapable.

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