Licensing for Youtube movies

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Licensing for Youtube movies

Post by mitkroy »

I sent a message to Soundspectrum a few days ago asking about licensing for using G-Force in Youtube movies.
I haven't had a reply yet so just sent the message again and decided to post here as well.

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Re: Licensing for Youtube movies

Post by BTT »

Hello mitkroy

While you are waiting for permission from SoundSpectrum here are some of the guidelines you will be required to comply with.

SoundSpectrum Visuals Usage:
We permit registered and paid license holders (Gold, Platinum or Commercial) to post video(s) on the web, provided:
- 1) you must purchase an ACTIVE Gold, Platinum or Commercial license for SoundSpectrum software
- 2) video(s) must include a text credit saying: “Visuals courtesy of" or “Visuals contributed by in support of PLAN Systems”
- 3) the text credit must appear within the video(s) itself (i.e. the closing frame) AND be included along with the video description text
- 4) URLs to all posted video(s) should be provided to SoundSpectrum and used in a not-for-profit manner
- 5) we reserve the right to rescind permission for any posted video(s) that contain objectionable, illegal, or mis-representative content
- 6) you may not sell or license posted video(s) containing SoundSpectrum content, or place video(s) behind a paywall.
- 7) you may not use video(s) containing SoundSpectrum content in a live performance, unless prior license and permission has been granted
Regards BTT

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